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4 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Jewellery Last Longer

Posted by Marie Badlam on

Hands polishing ring
Want your favourite pieces to last longer? Here are my four simple tips for looking after your jewellery!
1. Put it on last and remove first!
When dressing for a night out and even just getting ready for work, put your jewellery on last. And by last, I mean after you apply your makeup, perfume and hairspray. Let these dry first and then put on your favourite earrings or necklace. This will protect your jewellery from chemicals which may harm them.
If you are getting your hair styled or coloured, remove your jewellery first to avoid it getting snagged on brushes or tarnished by the harsh chemicals in hair dye.
2. Be gentle when cleaning
Polish your jewellery using a soft cloth to clean off any oils, dirt or contamination. Use a soft toothbrush with soap and then dry off the piece as soon as possible. Avoid getting strung pearls or similar wet as this will weaken the thread.
Only use a silver cleaner on silver jewellery. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. If you are unsure, then only use soap and water to clean and dry off as soon as possible.
3. Take off jewellery before jumping into the shower, bath or swimming pool
To protect your jewellery from the harsh chemicals of the swimming pools, remove your jewellery before jumping in. You should also remove your jewellery before getting into the shower or bath.
This also applies to cleaning your house - bangs and knocks can chip your stones or misshape your rings. Avoid house cleaning but if you can't then avoid wearing jewellery around bleach or other cleaning products.
4. Store jewellery separately
Invest in a jewellery box or jewellery display which allows you to store your jewellery separately. If your jewellery came in a box, like the free gift box Marie Nicole Bijoux supplies, then you can store it in there. Semi-precious gems have different hardnesses and can chip if they are knocked about. Gold vermeil can chip off if it bands against other jewellery. Keep your pieces separate to protect them. This will also prevent your delicate chain from getting tied into frustrating knots!
And lastly, if in doubt, please get in touch with me...! 

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